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  • Kiara Ruth

Miles the Gamer x Contender eSports Cary: Becoming an eSports Mom!

Can you believe that I was an actual gamer as a kid? Yeap! My brother and I always had a game system and my favorite was the Nintendo 64. I loved playing Mario and when I wasn't participating in kid-friendly games my brother and I were "holding it down" on Grand Theft Auto and YES! we passed all of the missions. Here is a funny little side note: our mom never purchased a memory card for us so we kept our game on all day and night so that we would not jeopardize our spot-on video games which means we had to beat the entire game. We have a few victories under our belt and man! were those the good ole days.

When I share stories like these with Miles he thinks I am joking as if gaming just started. He has even asked me "were the screens black and white when you played video games?" and every now and then I have to show him "what's up!" lol. I like to show my skills off by beating him in Tekken or Mortal Kombat.

With me being a gamer as a child you would think that my relationship with video gaming would be different for Miles and it was not. In fact, I HATED it! when Terrance introduced them to him. I disliked them because they were a huge distraction from what I wanted for Miles. I wanted him to read, enjoy the outdoors and get creative with playing and video gaming didn't help with that at all, so I thought. But I learned having a good balance of both shows to be great for Miles.

Recently, Terrance and I met the owners of Contender eSports. Contender eSports offers a fun, innovative, and educational approach to the gaming world. Their location serves as the premier eSports Gaming Center for the Triangle area of North Carolina (Raleigh, Durham, & Chapell Hill). They shared with me how it was a Black Family Owned Business, the benefits of gaming, and what they offered at the gaming center. I had already begun to have a mind shift around gaming but after speaking with them it changed my mind completely.

Contender eSports Cary Offers:

  • Weekly Workshops

  • Day Camps & Track Out Camps

  • Youth Team

Here are the 5 benefits of Video Games every parent should consider:

  1. Improved Brain Function

  2. More creativity and Problem Solving

  3. Better positioning for STEM Careers

  4. More Relaxation and Less Anxiety

  5. Strengthened Social Skills

Contender Cary Build and Encourage:

  • Team Work

  • Sportsmanship

  • Creativity

  • Personal

  • Growth Integrity

  • College Pathway

I invite you to watch this video about Contender Cary. Click Here

I signed Miles up for an all-day camp that will last the entire week. I am so excited that he has the opportunity to participate in coding, Fortnite, and Minecraft just to name a few. I am also very happy to support Miles as he develops healthy gaming habits and goes deeper into the world of technology. Contender eSports is dedicated to building character and life skills development through productive video gaming. And I have no doubt that Miles will benefit from this gaming center tremendously.

Be sure to reach out to Contender eSports if you have any questions about the center and what they offer.

Contender eSports Cary

Waverly Place Shopping Center

316 Colonades Way 108C

Cary, NC 27518

Happy Gaming,



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