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  • Kiara Ruth

Ditch the Razor: Why Winter is the Ideal Season for Laser Hair Removal with Bluewater Spa

Bluewater Spa Aesthetic Laser Center, located in Raleigh, NC, offers a broad range of spa services, including laser & facial treatments, body therapies, and surgical procedures. As a one-stop-shop for all your skincare needs, it's no wonder why I'm a loyal laser hair removal client.

If you're considering laser hair removal, the best time to book your appointment is during winter. Here are five reasons why:

Reduced Sun Exposure

During winter, your skin is less exposed to the sun, which is crucial for effective laser treatments. Sun damage can impact the quality of your laser hair removal results, so minimizing sun exposure is essential. Although risks are always very minimal, receiving treatments during the months of limited sun exposure will even further increase the safety and efficacy of the treatment series.

Consistent Skin Tone

Laser hair removal works best on natural skin tones. Recently tanned or sun-kissed skin can negatively affect the treatment's effectiveness. Winter is an ideal time to achieve a consistent skin tone, making it an optimal time for laser hair removal.

Summertime Ready

Start your laser hair removal in the winter and you'll be ready to hit the beach and pool by summer! By beginning your treatments early, you'll need fewer sessions, and by the start of summer, you'll be halfway through your treatment.

Easy Treatment Preparation 

Since you can’t tweeze or wax during your treatment series, you’ll need to stick with shaving to keep the root of the follicle intact. People love doing laser in the colder months, because a little bit of stubble doesn’t matter when it’s pre-bikini season and you’re still hanging out at home in jeans or leggings.

Easier Aftercare

Immediately after your laser hair removal treatment, your skin is sensitive to sun exposure, and you must avoid sun exposure in the treatment areas for a few weeks. This makes winter the perfect time for laser hair removal as we are typically not in the sun as much. 

There are so many benefits to winter laser hair removal. I am so thankful that I have started my journey. Book your appointment at Bluewater Spa Aesthetic Laser Center and don't forget to use code KIARA10 for 10% off any products or services on our e-store.

Ditch the razor,


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