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  • Kiara Ruth

Dear Virtual Academy Mama,

Our lives have shifted. We went from waking up and getting our kids ready for school to creating virtual workstations in pockets of our home. Our to-do list included cooking, cleaning, ironing, meal prep and so much more. Now, we are all exercising our teaching degrees we do not have, searching for someone to be with our children while we work, or we are still figuring things out.

We are changing diapers, preparing food that will more than likely end up on the floor, cleaning up messes all while keeping our children from falling apart. And if you are anything like me, you are craving adult interaction but then there is the coronavirus, so you do not want to meet to keep yourself and your family safe.

While six months ago we might have been enjoying a coffee or a cocktail with friends we find ourselves talking about what our days might or might not look like, because things are simply crazy. Honestly, I get it, this time SUCKS! I get that this time does not seem fair, it is not something we planned or prepared for. I get it if you have not figured it out and that is okay because the truth is a lot of moms have not either.

I get that you feel judged because you want to send your kids to school instead of doing virtual or that you know your child well enough that virtual just isn’t for them, I get it! Maybe you are like me, a mama with one child and you are over being a playmate, BFF, and target for their everyday nerf parties.

In the next few weeks, you will more than likely see homemade school schedules, curated learning stations and at home lunch menus posted from other mom’s (who are still figuring it out, by the way) don’t let that overwhelm you, move at your own pace because you know what’s best for you and your child(ren).

If you began to feel alone in this battle (because that's what it feels like, a full-on war) know that you have an army of supporters (other moms, spouses, significant others, church family, friends) around you. Do not be afraid to ask for resources, for help, for a break; we are all in this battle together. Because the truth is we are still figuring it out!

Kiara, TBMx


Patra Sims
Patra Sims
Aug 11, 2020

You have read my mind this morning! This is such a journey. Sending prayers to all the parents battling through any of those decisions! We get it!!!


Aug 11, 2020

This addresses exactly how I’ve been feeling these past few months. Thank you for the words of encouragement!

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