• Kiara Ruth

Motherhood, failure?

A lot of you have followed me since my move to North Carolina and most of you would agree that my son is the center of my world. Well, the truth is; he hasn’t always been. I recently shared a story with a friend about my transition through motherhood.

When I first found out that I was pregnant with “Sweet Miles” there were so many emotions that ran through my mind. Would I be good enough? Can I do this? All the typical thoughts that run through a now expecting mother’s head. Despite my disbelief, I became a mother.

Some people doubted my decision, while others supported me. But no matter what their opinions were I knew I had to be the best for not only my son but for myself. You see I had given myself an “F” before I even became a mother; I didn’t trust that I could do it. So, I began to tell myself lies.

If you are an expecting mother and you have doubts about motherhood, I want you to know that you can do this, you are capable, and you are worthy. You got this, MAMA.

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