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Coffee Shop Corners

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

“You are not a real coffee drinker” is what my husband says when he sees me share lattes on my feed or plan a coffee date with friends. Terrance indulges in about 4 cups of coffee a day and I am normally content with a cup. The funny thing about his statement is, in the beginning, it was true; I only drank coffee because he did. I was the true definition of a social drinker.

After I became a mom, coffee shops became a haven for me. I would spend hours studying God’s word and working. When I would leave the smell of roasted coffee beans filled my hair. The smell silently told Terrance that I had been at someone’s coffee shop.

Several years ago, I began incorporating visiting local coffee shops into my travel itinerary. I found myself calling ahead to make sure cookies and brownies were on the menu, which was the only way I could convince Miles that it was worth going. When I visited cities, I wanted to be in the movement with the people, and visiting coffee shops was a great way to do that.

I have visited many coffee shops across the United States and abroad, with most of them being in the Raleigh- Durham area. I have reached back into my memory and compiled a list of most if not all the local coffee shops I have experienced:


Mylo Coffee Co. – Little Rock

Zeteo Coffee- Little Rock

The Meteor - Litte Rock

The Mugs Café- North Little Rock

Onyx Coffee Co. – Fayetteville

Zeteo Coffee, Downtown Little Rock


East Pole Coffee Co. – East Atlanta

East Pole Coffee Co, Atlanta Georgia


Miam Café – Miami (Temporarily Closed)

AllDAY – Miami

North Carolina:

Benelux – Downtown Raleigh

Heirloom- Downtown Raleigh

42nd & Lawrence- Downtown Raleigh

Lucky Tree- Downtown Raleigh

Morning Times- Downtown Raleigh

Cup of Joe – Downtown Raleigh

The Optimist – Downtown Raleigh

Anisette – Downtown Raleigh

Yellowdog – Downtown Raleigh

Hummingbird Café – Downtown Raleigh

A Place at the Table – Downtown Raleigh

Sir Walter Coffee - Downtown Raleigh

Lucette Grace – Downtown Raleigh

Jubala – Downtown Raleigh, North Raleigh

Nora's Cafe – North Raleigh

Sola Coffee Café – North Raleigh

Deja Brew – North Raleigh

Fount Coffee - Morrisville

Full Bloom – Garner

Black and White Roasters – Wake Forest

Cultivate Coffee Roasters – Fuquay-Varina

Farmhouse Café - Wendell

41 North Coffee - Wendell

Cocoa Cinnamon – Durham

Cloche- Durham

Beyu Caffe - Durham

Pressed – Graham

Union Coffee – Greensboro

Not Just Coffee - Charlotte

New Jersey:

New York:

Partners Coffee – Long Island City

The Mill – Brooklyn

Devocion – Brooklyn

Domicile – Brooklyn (permanently closed)


Menagerie - Philadelphia

Elixr - Philadelphia


Kettner Coffee - Nashville

Kettner Coffee, Nashville Tennessee

Washington, DC:


The Cabo Coffee Company - Cabo San Lucas

The other day when we were playing outdoors Miles said “Mom, I like being outdoors but coffee shops are more my thing” it was then I knew that I was creating a well rounded human being, I am kidding but seriously.

Tell me, do you enjoy coffee? If so, what’s your favorite local shop in your area?

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2 comentarios

Kiara Ruth
Kiara Ruth
19 ago 2020

Patra, Thanks so much for reading my post! I appreciate that!

Me gusta

Patra Sims
Patra Sims
19 ago 2020

Kiara, I loveeeeeeee your latte pictures. They are always so beautiful! My dad is a true black coffee drinker and he’s always saying that I drink milk and sugar lol. It’s amazing how you turned this into an adventure! I love it🤎

Me gusta
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