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  • Kiara Ruth

Exploring Cities Along the Way

A few months before the Thanksgiving Holiday my husband, Terrance shared with me that he was interested in taking his time driving to Florida. I was a little shocked because my husband almost always chooses to fly and when he does drive, he wants to get to our destination as soon as possible. But this time he was adamant about stopping and enjoying some places along the way – he didn’t have to say more, I jumped right on the task of finding cities that we would enjoy. We ended up choosing Charleston, SC on the way there and St. Augustine, Florida on the way home.

Charleston, SC has been on our short list for a long time. We didn’t spend much time there at all, maybe 4 hours or less. We played basketball as a family at Hazel Parker Playground, did a self-guided tour of Rainbow Row & dinner at a local Vivian Howard restaurant called Lenoir. Although we didn’t spend much time there, we shared with Miles the complicated history of Charleston – while also enjoying the beauty of the city.

Rainbow Row Houses


One the way home we stopped in St. Augustine Florida. I was very excited about St. Augustine because of this small local restaurant called Sunday. It was everything I imagined it to be. I also really enjoyed the art studio that lives behind Sunday by local artist, Jenna Alexander. Jenna works on fine art and does photography - we enjoyed seeing her current collection.

Sunday Gathering Table

Here is a little fun fact about me: I will almost always choose driving over flying - especially if it means I get to explore amazing cities along the way.

x, TBM


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