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Moon Angel Sweets: Tasting the Authentic Brazilian Truffles that Embodies Daniela's Story

Jacqueline Reid Photography

Daniela's family ancestry comprises independent and resilient women who made their way in a world that didn't support women, particularly in the business world. Despite the challenges, Daniela's grandmother managed to establish herself as a middleman in household goods, while her mother, who was the first in her family to earn a college degree, became a successful entrepreneur. These women have been a source of inspiration for Daniela, and their success stories continue to motivate her to this day.

Moon Angel Sweets, Daniela's business, aims to promote Brazilian culture through their signature product, the brigadeiro, a popular Brazilian chocolate truffle. They make these delicacies by hand and package them alongside unique artisanal products from the Brazilian Northeast. By doing so, they support local artists and community organizations that keep traditional techniques alive. Additionally, they provide dignified employment opportunities for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities through a partnership with GiGi's Playhouse. In 2023, Moon Angel Sweets opened its Tasting Room in Morrisville, North Carolina, where they host group events and showcase beautiful artwork and crafts.

Starting a business is never easy, and Daniela's journey was no exception. It took immense hard work, patience, and networking for her to reach where she is today. While working at a photography studio, Daniela noticed an untapped market for corporate gifts and seized the opportunity to create her own business, Moon Angel Sweets. By possessing a profound understanding of her product and being open to learning about scaling it up, Daniela traveled to Brazil to learn from professionals in the field and adopted their techniques. With her wealth of experience in client relations, she knew the importance of networking and building relationships. She believes that new business owners must meet a diverse range of people, join business organizations and communities, and spread the word to succeed.

Daniela's parents instilled in her core values like resilience, honesty, and focus. They supported her decisions, even when they didn't quite understand them. Although Daniela feels like she lost them too early, their influence continues to guide her in both her business and personal life.

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