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  • Kiara Ruth

Girl Put on Your Glasses

I was a Junior in High School when I failed my eye exam on purpose. I wanted to so badly to be like a popular girl from the cheerleading team that I thought that wearing glasses would make me somehow close to her glory; after all, she was popular, a cheerleader and all the guys liked her. I wanted that, I desired that and in some ways, I needed that, so yes! I failed my eye exam.

It worked! I walked into high school a couple of weeks later with the cutest glasses that Medicaid paid for. They were black, thin, square-shaped and lined with purple (I seriously thought that I was the cutest). My prescription was so low that people thought that they were fashion glasses. I have a theory now that because I failed my eye exam my eyes hate me in real life because my vision is so bad now.

I went through years of changing glasses and styles. I’ve had Medicaid glasses, Coach glasses (the brand), whatever my insurance pays for glasses, EYEBUYDIRECT glasses to my now new found love Warby Parker Wide Durand Tortoise Frames. Warby Parker recently opened in North Hills and I couldn’t be more excited. I went in with Miles and had him help me pick out a couple of styles.

I couldn’t decide between the Durand’s and the Langley’s which were sunglasses that I had converted in regular glasses, I ordered both. I ran a poll on my Instagram and asked my husband what he thought. Everyone chose the Durand frames. I knew I would pick those but it always good to have a second opinion and in my case 100’s others too.

I am so happy with my choice. It’s not something I would normally choose but I am happy I did. Some of you may think that I am crazy for failing my eye exam, heck! I think so too but honestly, I wouldn’t have learned what it meant to be insecure, to love yourself and not weigh your worth on others if I hadn’t. I don’t like that my vision isn’t where it should be but I wouldn’t be able to buy cute frames; it works right? Lol! Ps, can someone remind me to send back the Langley frames? 

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23 oct. 2019

Stepping out of your comfort zone can be fun somtimes and these look so cute on you.

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