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  • Kiara Ruth

How We Met: Love at First Flight

It's funny that no one knew about my husband Terrance until I was well into North Carolina, pregnant with Miles and settled in our apartment. It didn't bother me that everyone around us thought that we moved fast, because, well we did! but the back story is interesting, faith-filled and right on time.

Terrance's memory about how we met is very different from mines and also very wrong (SORRY TERRANCE). He will tell you that I pretended to be on the phone when he walked up to meet me and that I was very shy.

But whatever disagreements we have about the story we both were mutually attracted to one another, we often forget to mention that part, after all, we were at a conference for religious leaders and I was supposed to be focusing on Jesus and how hunger issue in the state of Arkansas was rising..... not finding my future husband.

Originally, I wasn't going to attend the Bread Conference. It would have been my first time riding a plane and I wasn't sure I would be able to maneuver the airport by myself, let alone be in a new city (true Arkansas girl). Combined with the uncertainty of the trip & doubt I had in my abilities to take on a new city I wasn't fully convinced it was the right thing to do. Lot's of doubt hovered over me.

Not really sharing my concerns with others, I boarded my plane and headed to America's capital, Washington, D.C. When I arrived everything was completely different from Arkansas. It was fast, busy & very BIG. At my hotel, the front desk clerk informed me that my room wasn't ready and instructed me to leave my luggage in the lobby (WHAT?). But, I listened to her and headed to the "welcome" for the conference and that's when I saw "the cute African guy" which is what I texted my friend because I had already begun checking him out. (I would later learn that Terrance isn't from an African country at all)

Circa 2012, State Capital

That's when Terrance walked over and introduced himself to the group of women that I had somehow ended up standing with. He was polite, kind and very good looking. But I was on the phone with the hotel that I was staying with checking to see if my room was ready. (This is when he thought that I hopped on the phone because he was coming over). When I finished my phone call; I walked over to the group of guys that Terrance was standing with introduced myself and proceeded to apologize for being on the phone when he walked up.

He was the only guy that had my attention at the conference and I wasn't going to stop talking to him until I got his. Several times throughout the conference he would check on me and I did the same for him. We sat together, chatted together and found ourselves looking for each other every chance we got. I felt a spark and we ended up spending one of those nights chatting in the downstairs lobby with my hair wrapped up until 5 am.

Later, he asked me "what would you say if I wanted to fly you to Florida in 2 weeks" I responded "I'll come" (I was so nervous, I barely made it to D.C.). Little did I know we would enjoy our first date in the airport and when I arrived home I would have a ticket in my email with my name on it to go to Florida in 2 weeks & exactly one year I would be expecting our son, Miles and take his last name 6 months later.

2 weeks after Terrance and I met, outside the Florida Mall

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