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|KŌ·ÄN| Public House, A New Destination for Southeast Asian Cuisine

When the first dish of Ribeye Tataki arrived at the table at KŌ·ÄN, Public House, we didn't have to think twice about it, we were instantly ready to indulge. The Ribeye Tataki made with black garlic, ponzu and wasabi is a meat eaters dream. It was light and full of flavor. Each bite placed on a black-speckled plate ready to satisfy any carnivore's dream.

Ribeye Tataki

When presented with my next dish Larb (Braised Duck) I realized very quickly that it would be an easy favorite. The servers presented the dish with chopsticks, I personally didn't want to waste time, so I grabbed my fork and began to enjoy the tasty flavors of the duck which came with lemongrass cucumbers and Thai chili sauce. I found myself checking my plate to see if I had some extra crumbs to eat.

Larb (Braised Duck)

My next delicious dish was the cauliflower which was made with pickled mushrooms, ginger aioli, scallions, and sweet soy. I immediately transferred the food from the plate to my mouth; it was warm, just the right amount of crunch and full of flavor. At Kō·än, this choice would be perfect for children. Beware because you may order this for the table, and it will be gone in minutes.


Kō·än joined Cary in late October 2019 only opening for dinner. It is a semi-traditional and semi-modern cuisine that pays close attention to the unsung heroes of Southeast Asia. Chef Drew who is the lead chef at Kō·än comes from an amazing background of awesome restaurants in the Triangle. In 2019 Chef Drew won the Cooking for a Classic dining competition or you may remember him from Raleigh's Bu·ku and So·ca in Cameron Village.

During my visit, I also tried their Lobster Gyoza, Korean Beef, Kō·än Duck and Pho. There were two desserts to try: Chocolate | dark chocolate terrine, passionfruit, milk crumbs with chocolate ginger ice cream .......Citrus | yuzu-meyer lemon curd, coconut sable, toasted white chocolate ganache, salty coconut, and Thai basil.

I loved the food at Kō·än, I also love the location. It is convenient for those coming from the airport and the perfect location for any Cary resident. If you get a chance to visit let me know what you try. I would to hear what you enjoyed!

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