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  • Kiara Ruth

Kitchen Organization with Hello Clutter

If you follow me or watched my Instagram stories then you know I am doing a giveaway (enter here) for a $250 gift card to Sarah’s Organization business, Hello Clutter. Let’s just say there are so many people who need organization in their homes and this giveaway couldn’t have come at a better time. People have mentioned that they need their playrooms, bathrooms, closets, and kitchens organized. The most notable mention is the kitchen, I loved reading this because that’s what Sarah helped me organize.

Sarah Valeri is the ultimate decluttering and organization hype-woman. She believes that clutter shows up in your life in ways you may not even realize and with her help, you’ll transform your home into a space where you truly feel free. Sarah provides a custom service to each client so that they can feel free again. Simplifying your home is her top priority. We have been in our space since February 2021 and have slowly but surely got things together. I am always looking for ways to simplify my life so when Sarah and I met for coffee I knew my kitchen would be the space that we organized, I needed to embody #kitchengoals. Sarah was on board, and I couldn’t be more excited.

We started out by going through each cabinet and drawer. We got rid of all the outdated spices, excessive amounts of grocery bags, pots, and pans that I no longer used and so much more. This process was difficult because I had an emotional connection to some things, but Sarah asked the hard questions and if it did not spark joy then I let it go. After this process, I honestly felt so much lighter and felt there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

I loved watching Sarah measure the space. This meant that we were steps closer to get the “pretty” things. But she wanted to make sure that things were functional and easy to use. One of the things I admired about Sarah is how she made sure that everything we did was what I wanted which made me happy. She ended up leaving and later that night I received an email with a spreadsheet of things that I needed for the kitchen. Sarah made the process very easy, all the links were clickable, I just needed to decide on what worked best for me.

She recently came back to my home to implement all the pretty things. I love how functional, organized, and consistent everything feels. Now, when I get things from the store, they have a specific spot. It makes me happy when I walk into the kitchen. Everyone should let Sarah say HELLO to their clutter.

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