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My First Lash experience: Idolize Sutton Square

If you are somewhat involved in social media or the social world you probably have seen individuals with full, voluminous and beautiful eyelashes. I am not going to lie, I was bitten by the lash bug and was immediately interested. My eyelashes are naturally long & full but they are wild and out of control, I wondered if I would be a good candidate. I consulted with my friends over at Idolize Brows & Beauty - Sutton Square and they answered all of my questions. A couple of days later I called to book an appointment for the following week.

While exploring the idea of eyelash extensions you may be wondering what is it anyway! "Eyelash extensions are thin fibers that resemble natural lashes." Using permanent adhesive, these thin fibers are attached to each natural eyelash giving a lengthened appearance of each lash.

After doing a little research I found that eyelash extensions can be either mink, synthetic silk or synthetic mink. Idolize Brows & Beauty uses synthetic mink and they looked completely natural. I could tell they were synthetic when I touched them which didn't make a difference for me. Synthetic extensions are most common and they give off a thick look.

When it came to deciding my eyelash style. I went with the best one that fits me and my lifestyle. She gave me 3 options and I decided on a more natural look. Next, the last tech Nichelle had me lay on my back and she placed the protective pads over my lower lashes and under eyes while my eyes were closed. Using straight edge tweezers, she took single lashes applied adhesive and place each one carefully on my natural lashes. She repeated the process for 2 hours. I would say the first eye took longer than the second.

Side note: I slept for the 1st hour and then the 2nd hour wasn't that pleasant because I had to keep my eyes closed and I wasn't resting anymore.

With the Triangle being an amazing place for ALL the things there are so many places to choose for lash extensions. You may be wondering "how did Kiara decide to go to Idolize - Sutton Square?" Well, I get my eyebrows threaded by Purwah who is the owner and she asked me if I would be interested in trying lash extensions, I thought about it for a couple of days and decided to move forward with it. I made sure the lash technician was licensed and had the experience. I recommend going to Idolize - Sutton Square but there are plenty of places in the triangle that could fit you better.

How to care for your lashes:

1. Brush daily and handle your lash extension gently. They are applied to your own lashes to be sure to handle them with care.

2. Clean your extensions regularly with an oil-free cleanser more preferably lash wash.

3. Pat them dry with a lint-free towel or after showering.


  • Rub your eyes for a long period of time. Avoid friction, picking, or pulling on your lashes

  • Apply any oil or oil-based products directly on the lash line

  • Use waterproof cosmetics or any eye makeup product that claims to last long

  • Use mechanical or heated eyelash curlers

Unfortunately, there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop your lashes from falling out. "Nothing will really make your lashes last longer than their natural shedding cycle". A person typically sheds between 1 to 5 natural lashes every day. Here is a quick checklist if you are trying to decide if you should get lashes:

  • Do I sleep on my face a lot?

  • Do I rub my eyes a lot?

  • Do I have a tendency to pull out my lashes?

  • Have I had any recent eye issues?

For pricing click here

For $20 off full price lash extensions be sure to mention my name.

Honestly, I learned that lashes aren't a good fit for my lifestyle. I sleep on my face, I like washing my face and I don't like them to fall out even though it's apart of the process. After I was finished getting my lash extension my lash technician Nichelle mentioned that I would be a good candidate for a lash lift. Stay tuned for more on that.

-Kiara, TBMx

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Apr 01, 2020

Awesome and informative post. I've been contemplating and really wanted to get lashes but your post has made me realize it isn't for my lifestyle either. I'll just stick to my little clusters. lol

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