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  • Kiara Ruth

Santa Barbara, California

California has always been the place that I have been trying to get back to. While I have visited LA before, I always thought that I would go back there before any other city. When we got the news that our nephew was getting married I squealed because that meant a new adventure and y'all know I love a good adventure. A couple of months before the wedding was announced I met a new friend named Carly who was from there. She played a huge part in the planning of the trip (coffee shops, food, and things to see). I am a firm believer that the locals are the best people to ask about recommendations because they know the heart of the city.

When I arrived in Santa Barbara the city was asleep but when I woke up the next morning I was greeted with sunshine and palm trees. There was a calmness about the city. It didn't seem fast pace, it was steady and felt livable. The scenery was beautiful, the people were approachable and the food scene was tip top. While there I couldn't get through Carly's entire recommendation list because of the short time we were there but I did visit some places that were within walking distance or a short uber/lyft drive from our hotel.

Here are the places that we visited:


Starbucks (for Terrance)


Caje Coffee Roasters



Sights +Spots:


Here is Carly Mask's full List:

While all of the explorings were amazing the best part was watching our nephew, Jared exchange vows with his bride, Laura Joy. They were married at the Mission Rose Garden which was featured on Carly Mask's Recommendations list. The wedding was stunning and just what I needed to remind myself of what weddings truly meant for. We are ecstatic for both of them and we can't wait to see their marriage flourish.

Another cool thing was that on the morning of the wedding we visited Caje Coffee Shop and that evening the wedding reception was there. It was such a pleasant surprise.



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