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  • Kiara Ruth

Art Culture: How Miles found his love for Art

I didn’t grow up loving art, I never visited art museums or shows. My first true experience with the arts was going to a play with my Godmother, Melanie, we enjoyed The Color Purple. I'm sure you have seen the movie or at least heard of it, this play began my love for the arts; watching the cast transform to different characters right before my eye was exhilarating and empowering.

It was easy for me to transfer my love for the arts over to Miles. Exposing him to museums and plays across our country has and still is very important to me. I spend time showing him different art pieces and asking him how particular pieces makes him feel and encouraging all of his artwork with “wows, that’s amazing and show me more”

Miles is fortunate to have an array of artist in his family. His uncle Clarence is a fashion designer, artist & author. His artistry is seriously insane. His uncle Artez’s artistry is photography. He has traveled all over the world capturing the most beautiful photos. Miles’ Dad, Terrance is a great artist as well. He can just about look at anything and draw it; his specialty: Mickey Mouse.

Raising Miles in Raleigh has been such a blessing, especially since the art scene is well on its way. We are wowed by the street murals painted by local artist Lisa Gaither and not to mention the best museum ever, North Carolina Museum of Art (NCMA). NCMA has allowed Miles to cultivate his love for art more specifically, black art. They have an array of pieces that display African Americans, People of Color and African Art. It was here that Miles fell in love with Kehinde Wiley’s painting “Mrs. Hale as 'Euphrosyne” (2005). A photo was captured of Miles admiring the piece and later retweeted by filmmaker, Ava Durvernay (talk about excited, I WAS).

We now find ourselves putzing around NCMA searching for pieces that move us, that make us go WOW! It’s always interesting to hear Miles' opinions on different works of art. His responses are entertaining, interesting and often mind-blowing. NCMA recently shared the tweeted photo that Ava Duvernay retweeted, and it inspired me to bring him to the museum again. I wanted to search for the paintings that represented him and me and ask him about them.

Below you will find one piece that Miles critiqued by Amy Sherald. Amy Sherald did the portrait of former First Lady, Michelle Obama. Here’s what Miles said:

"She looks pretty, she is drinking coffee like you Mommy"

I want to encourage you to visit your local museums. They often have different activities for children and adults. Do you like art museums? If so, what has been your favorite one thus far?


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