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  • Kiara Ruth

Mom's Mexico Vacation

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Can you believe that this summer was my mom and I’s first time traveling together?  I know! It’s crazy but I feel like it was supposed to happen when it did, and we had a blast. We were originally set to go to the Dominican Republic but with all the crazy stuff that was happening I switched the trip Cabo San Lucas, Mexico; it was seriously the best decision.

I should have booked my flights a little different; I arrived in Little Rock, Arkansas at 12:00 am and was up and ready to head to Mexico at 4:45 am to catch a 5:00 am flight. When we arrived in Mexico it was everything that I expected and more. We stayed at the RIU Baja California; it was beautiful.

My mother isn’t as adventurous as me but I managed to convince her to do a tour, boat ride, glass blowing and shopping (which was her favorite part). During the tour, we were able to visit The Arch of Cabo San Lucas, Lovers Beach and take a ride a glass-bottom boat; all of which was amazing. The most interesting thing we did was visit a glass blowing shop that was family-owned and I managed to snag the turtle they made for us as a demo for Miles (lucky if you ask me)

For transportation, my Mom and I caught a taxi once and for the duration of the trip we caught the bus which was only $1. We rode the bus to the mall, local eateries, and a coffee shop. The mall was my moms’ favorite part, she shopped until she dropped.

For entertainment, we attended the pool parties at the hotel, and it was loads of fun because this was an all exclusive resort everything was free, and we loved that part. Overall, we loved the trip and before we returned, we began to plan our next vacation. Has you and your mom traveled together? If so, where have you guys been? 

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