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Our Quick Getaway to Southern Pines & Pinehurst, North Carolina

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Post Facial Glow from the Fanatical

I always wonder what it means when it takes me forever to write about something. I like to believe that my brain is working out my magical writing abilities and I am going to somehow create this euphoric experience when you are reading my writing but NOPE! That is not it! I struggle to sit down and write or type out my thoughts because I have one thousand other things going on. So, here I am today while on another travel experience sharing with you all about my birthday getaway that my husband planned.

Terrance and Deb at her office at Pine Needles!

You read that right! Terrance planned a birthday trip for me, scheduled a sitter and we got the chance to spend a weekend kid-free. Now you may be wondering where did they go? But before I share Terrance knows that I love an experience. He ended up choosing Southern Pines, North Carolina, and Pinehurst, North Carolina. Now if you are not familiar with these two cities in North Carolina; I wanted to share a little bit of the history with you.

Terrance’s father lived in Southern Pines as a young teen, he worked as a caddie at a nearby golf course. Aside from having friends who have lived there that is our only connection. I was incredibly surprised that Terrance chose Southern Pines, but I later found out that he had a business meeting there the weekend of my birthday, so he was trying to kill two birds with one stone; I was not mad about it. In fact, I love exploring new places even if it is an hour up the road. Now on to the history of Southern Pines and Pinehurst, North Carolina.

Southern Pines is in Moore County and has a population of a little over 12,000. After doing a little research I found that Southern Pines was a sundown town where African Americans were not allowed to reside or conduct business after dark. It has now become a destination for military families of all kinds with it being 20 miles west of the United States Army Base: Fort Bragg. Because it is so close to Raleigh and Fort Bragg its population has grown tremendously.

Pinehurst, North Carolina is a Village in Moore County. The population is a little over 16,000 and is the home to the historic golf resort, Pinehurst Resort. You can learn more about the Pinehurst, NC golf course click here. According to the Village at Pinehurst, NC website there are 8 reasons you should move to Pinehurst, NC:

1. World Class Golf and Recreation

2. Quality Healthcare

3. Safest City in North Carolina

4. Centrally Located

5. Excellent Education

6. Exceptional Year Around Cultural and Art Activities

7. Low Tax Rates

8. Proximity to Fort Bragg

Terrance and I ended up staying at the Pine Needle Golf Club and Lodge and you can learn about it here. One of the things that I enjoyed the most about this Lodge was learning the history and watching all the golf gurus enjoy golf. But one of my favorite things to do was enjoy the local shopping and local places to eat. Here are the local places that I visited:


Fanatical Spa (Black Owned)





Local Shopping:

In addition to this list, I asked my friends over at Symmetri for a list of places to visit and try. I trust their expertise as they are locals who enjoy exploring like me, here is their list:

Coffee Shops:

Buggytown Coffee

Swank Coffee Shoppe

High Octane

The Roast Office


Betsy’s Crepes


Dinner Restaurants:

195 Fusion

Elliots on Linden


Lisi Italian


Southern Prime

Chef Warrens



Sly Fox

It was such an amazing experience to be able to walk the grounds that Terrance’s late father once did. We were able to chat with the locals, enjoy their local cuisine, shop local, and learn about the history of Southern Pines and Pinehurst. While I was there, I did purchase something from Against the Grain Shoppe for my brother’s birthday, and just like this blog post was in my head, the gift has been sitting at my house. That is next on my to-do list to conquer. It is my hope that you will visit Southern Pines and Pinehurst one day and if you do, let me know if you try one of the places I recommended.



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