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  • Kiara Ruth

The Exceptional Woman Tour: Charlotte, NC

I recently attended the Exceptional Woman Tour and I can confidently say that it was a life-changing experience. The event brought together a diverse group of women, ranging from seasoned business professionals to those just starting out or trying to find their path. It was an incredible opportunity to learn from each other and expand our knowledge.

Dr. Michelle Thomas, Founder

The conference spanned over two days, with the first day featuring a keynote address by Dr. Michelle Thomas, the founder of the Exceptional Woman Tour. She spoke about the future of women entrepreneurs, and one statistic that stood out to me was that while Black women represent only 14% of the female population, they account for 42% of net new women-owned businesses. This was a powerful reminder of the incredible potential and impact that Black women have in the business world.

Throughout the conference, we had the privilege of attending various sessions and panels. One that particularly resonated with me was the Tech Girl Panel, moderated by Sherrell Dorsey. The panelists shared valuable insights on how to leverage technology to maximize business growth. It left me feeling inspired and motivated to explore the endless possibilities that technology offers.

Dr. Darnyelle J. Harmon was another remarkable presenter who shared her 7 strategies to 7 Figures. These strategies covered important aspects such as financial management, client relationships, legal systems, marketing, sales, operations, and talent optimization. It was empowering to learn practical strategies that can help propel our businesses to new heights.

Among the speakers, Kimberly Evans stood out to me with her innovative business, Just Her Rideshare. This community-driven rideshare service aims to provide a safe and stress-free alternative for women. Kimberly started this company to give women like herself the freedom to choose how they experience ridesharing. It was inspiring to see a passionate entrepreneur addressing the needs and concerns of women in this industry.

The second day of the conference started with a sense of excitement and renewed energy. We began with breakfast and coffee, reflecting on the progress made the previous day. Charis Jones, the CEO of Sassy Jones, shared her journey and the growth of her fashion and lifestyle brand. Her story served as a reminder to stay true to our brand and persevere through challenges.

The day continued with breakout sessions led by experts in various fields. Meredith Dean spoke about digital branding, James Francis delved into generative artificial intelligence, and Vaneese Johnson shared insights on entrepreneurial leadership. Each session provided valuable takeaways, and I was particularly inspired by Vaneese Johnson's quote, "SET F.I.R.E to your life be: Fearless, Intentional, Resilient, and Execute."

The conference ended on a powerful note, with all the attendees forming a circle to support and uplift a fellow businesswoman who had lost hope in her business. We prayed, cried, and encouraged her, creating an atmosphere of solidarity and empowerment.

Overall, the Exceptional Woman Tour was an extraordinary event that left a lasting impact on me. I am excited to see all the incredible businesses flourish as a result of the knowledge and inspiration gained from this weekend. It truly was an unforgettable experience.



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