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  • Kiara Ruth

Blue Water Spa | HydraFacial

How many of you consider yourself a skincare guru? Well, if you are anything like me, my experience with skincare is very little. In fact, it was only recently that I started investing in facials and taking care of my skin properly. I see an esthetician regularly and try my best to keep my skin clean both night and day also making sure that I eat well (sometimes) and that I drink plenty of water.

Over the past several months there has been a lot of buzz about HydraFacial’s. A HydraFacial deep cleanses, exfoliates, and extracts impurities from the skin while simultaneously infusing nourishing ingredients to hydrate the skin. I was a little skeptical at first but after speaking with my friends over at Blue Water Spa they ensured me that it would not impact my regular skin routine and my facials with my esthetician but can be done every 3 months as a special treatment.

The HydraFacial at Blue Water Spa uses patented Vortex-Fusion to cleanse hydrate and protect the skin. In addition to the Signature HydraFacial, they also offer the HydraBliss. This luxurious treatment includes a massage of the face, neck, and shoulders. This pampering massage aside from providing relaxation provides rejuvenation by firming the skin, increasing circulation, and releasing tension.

When I first arrived, I spoke with Lisa who is the HydraFacial Fairy Godmother. She walked me through the process and told me exactly what would happen during my treatment:

Step 1: Cleansing & Exfoliating: Lisa deplaned my skin. This process opens the pores and pulls the dead skin up. It sounds a little intimidating, but it was not bad at all. You can think of it as a spinning toothbrush on your face.

Step 2: Chemical Peel: Not going to lie this scared me a little (have you seen the intense chemical peels where people’s faces were peeling, this was not that) she used a lighter chemical peel based on the condition of my skin.

Step 3: Extractions: I loved this portion of the HydraFacial. Lisa used a tool that vacuumed up my dead skin. (it was not painful)

Step 4: Serum: Lisa used a special tool that helped work in the serums for hydration and elasticity. Watch the video here

Once the facial was done my skin was bright and looked exceptionally clean. There was no pain and I felt like I had the best post-facial glow. If you are interested in a HydraFacial, I would highly recommend Blue Water Spa.

Lastly, I want to share that everyone in the Spa wore a mask and was socially distant. I was the only one in the waiting room and they made sure that it was sanitized and clean. To learn more about their safety precautions click here. Let me know if you have any questions about the facials, pricing, or my experience with Blue Water Spa.




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