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Ruth's Take Philly: Day 1

Holiday travel is always fun and it’s more fun when someone else plans it and in my case my husband, Terrance. He planned an entire Thanksgiving trip for us. We were able to explore Philly, New York, and New Jersey. Although we visited 3 separate places, I’ll be sharing about our first day in Philly. I knew that I would love Philly, but I didn’t think that I would fall in love with it. Known as the city of brotherly love, for its hoagies, cheesesteaks and soft pretzels the city offers an array of landscapes, culture, and history, it’s the perfect place to visit.

I always try to develop a personal relationship with each city that I visit seeing its beauty and avoiding the touristy spots. Exploring the most intimate places and spaces to Philly was at the top of my list. Below I am going to share some of the places that were on my “to do” list.

Our flight landed early morning so after landing and picking up our rental car we went to breakfast. I found a cute breakfast spot called Miles’ Table located in the Rittenhouse Square area. If you are wondering, YES! I chose Miles’ Table because it has the same name as my son. The restaurant is a local bistro plating locally sourced breakfast, sandwiches, and pizza in a modern and cozy space.

I always like a good photo moment, we walked over to Metropolitan Bakery to get baked goods and course take a photo. Metropolitan Bakery bread confections and pizza are handcrafted using locally sourced ingredients. Opened since 1993, they have been tempting Philadelphians with freshly baked bread, pastries, snacks, and their famous granola. I would highly recommend this bakery for photos and their yummy bites.

Terrance, Miles and I strolled through the Rittenhouse Square area stopping to take photos with historical statues and Christmas trees that sparked joy. My personal favorite was visiting a local coffee shop called: Menagerie Coffee. I enjoyed a latte, Miles yet another cookie and Terrance indulged in their house drip. Menagerie Coffee is a small locally owned and operated specialty coffee shop in the heart of Philly’s Old City neighborhood. They serve a brand called Dogwood coffee.

Sadly, on the day that we visited Philly, the African American History Museum was closed, we walked a block up and enjoyed the Constitution Museum located in the Independence National Historical Park. It was so much fun watching Miles explore the history of our country. Visitors of all ages and perspectives across America and around the world come to learn about the constitution.

As if we weren’t full enough, we headed to lunch at the Reading Terminal. The Reading Terminal is one of America’s largest terminals they offer a large variety of food, desserts, and drinks. It’s neon signs throughout makes any photo pop. We enjoyed our 1st Philly cheesesteak from there. Honestly speaking, we just thought that they were okay.

The highlight of our trip was surprising Miles with a visit to the Philadelphia Eagles stadium. He was so excited and happy. Of course, he wanted to get something with an eagle on it, so he went for a hoodie. After this, we headed to New Jersey. Our first day in Philly amazing.

Have you visited Philly? if so, what is your favorite thing about the city?

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