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  • Kiara Ruth

Shop Small | Jewelry Edition

For five years I wore a wedding ring that was not real. In fact, when I got the ring I knew there was a possibility but the love I had for the person that had given it to my husband was unmatched, she knew that I adored the ring. I had later shown Terrance because I wanted him to find one just like it. Little did I know she had slipped the ring to him on one of his visits to Arkansas, that he would later give to me before our elopement that same year.

The ring was silver, marquee shaped, and sitting inside of “diamonds” was a purple stone. It was romantic, it was vintage and it was perfect for me. In my 5 years of wearing the ring every day, washing my hands, and cleaning; it never turned my finger green or did any of the “this is a fake ring” stuff.

Here is the kicker, I did not get a definite answer as to whether the ring was real or fake until I got it cleaned like 4 years later. But honestly, it did not matter to me the love that my husband and I shared was far more precious than a ring. I did later get an upgrade that seemed like too much, but it is what Terrance picked for me, I loved him, so I loved the ring.

I share this story because my first ring was not about the look, it was about how the ring made me feel when I saw it; it was perfect. That is how I choose the jewelry that I wear today. I realize that certain things would cheer me up and jewelry was one of them. During quarantine I found myself browsing all the local shops and filling my basket with pieces that I would one day purchase. Because shopping local is important to me, I put together a list of small businesses that sell jewelry that I personally own. This list is not about you going there to buy jewelry but rather me sharing them because I own the pieces and I have personally experience their customer service.

Windblown Jewelry, Wake Forest, North Carolina

Windblown was the 1st local jewelry that I shopped. I love how they believe you deserve the best. They make everyday jewelry that compliments your life. I love that there is something for every woman.

Shop Bofemme, Raleigh, North Carolina

Shop Bofemme has minimal, handcrafted keepsakes, her style can be described as boheme and feminine which is where the name “Bofemme” originates from.

Heir.Raleigh Raleigh, North Carolina

Heir Raleigh designs showcase the owner's skills she learned in design school. She pays the greatest attention to detail, using the highest quality of the material. Heir. Raleigh pieces are minimalistic gold + brass jewelry that is all handmade.

Changed Impressions Jewelry Raleigh, North Carolina

Changed Impressions Jewelry is hand stamped jewelry that makes for great gifts & encouragement. All her jewelry is made with a purpose and created to share a story.

Rosemay Jewelry Cary, North Carolina

Rosemay Jewelry is a local shop that offers trendy styles without compromising on quality. It is gold plated, sterling silver, and stainless steel.

SustainAble Home Goods, Atlanta, Georgia

Sustainable Home Goods is a curated collection of ethical & fair trade jewelry from local and global artisans.

Weekend Gypsea, Durham, North Carolina

Weekend Gypsea is made by the maker, owner, and designer Christina Anthony. Weekend Gypsea is handmade clay jewelry that goes with just about anything.

Shop Ostrea Raleigh, North Carolina

Shop Ostrea is bold polymer clay earrings that are slowly made. In her bio she has “too beautiful to ignore” and I couldn’t agree more.

Adornments by Anousone, Durham, North Carolina

Adornments by Anousone is handmade jewelry created with love. The colors and designs are bright, fun, and a perfect statement piece for your wardrobe.

Because shopping local is important to me, here are few other places you should check out:

After writing this post, I thought it would be fitting to dedicate this post to the Ms. Quilla Lanes who gave Terrance my first ring. She was the epitome of style and grace. Grateful for her and the time we got to spend together.




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